Bandsaw blade put on the other way?

Howdee..I need to cut wood with a bevel the opposite way of the way a bandsaw table tilts...the only way i could see this happening is if i install the blade the other way round and cut from the other end as my bandsaw does not tilt both ways...would anyone know if this can be done? cheers 

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thedude0078 (author) 6 years ago
Thanks for all your answers..yeah it resulted that if i flip the wood upside down, left to right and top to bottom i would be able to use the bandsaw the right way round for the bevel cuts... phew as i got quite a lot of cutting to do...
lemonie6 years ago

Can you turn the wood 180o instead?

aeray lemonie6 years ago
Re-design6 years ago
You're going to end up chewing up your guides unless you figure out a way to turn them around also.

A jig to change the angle is the right way to do it unless you have a saber saw and use that for the backwards cut.
thedude0078 (author) 6 years ago
Great yeah that will be my best option..however i don't think the motor spin makes a differernce as it still has to spin the same way just the blade will face the other direction...not sure if it can be done though
You know, now that I sketched the belt (blade) instead of just visualizing, maybe you're right about that. I guess it would simply place the cutting edge on the opposite side. If so, yup, seems like a reasonable approach.

Can you photograph / diagram the wood, required-cut and saw?
I'm not really imagining this well

seandogue6 years ago
And spin the motor in the opposite direction?

I'd be inclined to make a jig to change the angular orientation. In fact, I've done so. I have a jig I made especially for making trim that give an initial 45 degree incline to the piece, allowing a larger angular deviation that the saw allows on it's own. Ok, so it's for the table saw. Same principle applies.