Basic server management: What is best practice when uploading to /var/www/ ?

I recently installed Ubuntu server on an old PC and attached it to my home network - (only I use the network and it's wired). The issue is that (Having installed Apache web server) I am not sure how to remotely upload content. By default Apache uses /var/www/ to contain the web content that it serves. By default the write access to this folder is set to root (and no users or groups). Thus I can't work out the right way to use "scp" to copy files, because (being ubuntu) there is no actual root account. Should I just change the permissions of the folder to allow my user account write access or is this considered bad practice? Is there another or better way?

Thanks in advance,

andy (author) 7 years ago
Thanks, I understand setting user permission's so I can do that part, but I was under the impression that alias relates to defining a shorter reference to a long command, like here; effectively a technique to save on typing. Are you referring to something different, perhaps pertaining to access permissions or similar?


p.s. Would it be wise to create a number of different users for different use cases - a user for website deployment, a user for general SSH/maintenance, etc...with appropriate restrictions? One the one hand it might help contain an access violation, on the other it might be excessive (I don't really have a baseline to judge from at the moment).