Batch file menu.

I need a super simple way to have a batch file open other batch files with a menu, that has several options. It is part off me cleaning up my desktop, where you could open the file, and choose the number you want (say pictures or word documents) and it would open a folder with them in it.

Brubay2 years ago

@echo off

color f


echo My Programs:

echo 1)

echo 2)

echo 3)

choice /c 12 >nul
if %errorlevel%==1 Start

if %errorlevel%==2 Start

if %errorlevel%==3 Start

This is a very simple and easy way to organize ur desktop... the options can only go up to 9 since when u tap a number for example 3 it enters that automaticly.

if you want to place the programs that was on your desktop just place them all in a file then just write "cd filename" then it will go into that file and open the programs you want, do keep in mind that the programs has to have no spaces

Heres a code I made, i'ts pretty basic at the moment but you can check out my Mega-Menu tutorial right here

echo What would you like to do?
:: etc
set /p option=
If %option% EQU 1 explore TYPE FILENAME HERE
goto menu
account3r27 years ago
One thing I know is to type "dir /b" and it shows batch files in the location it is set to. -account3r2
Goodhart7 years ago
The Easiest method I have even seen is to simply "screen print" the menu, having each line numbered (number in front of the description) and then create your "batch files, and call them the numbers: 
Like This:

1:  run such and such
2: run something else

then just name the batch  files:   1.bat     2.bat   etc. Ask for a prompt so that   typing the number  in  will execute the batch file desired