Batch or .bat image viewing.

I would like to know how you display an image inside of a batch file so it is present in the same window as the program.

lemonie5 years ago
You don't, the environment doesn't support image-files.

g-one5 years ago
Batch files are running in a console window. On modern Windows OS's cmd.exe interprets the Batch code, on DOS and early Windows versions its done via Only charactes are supported and cmd.exe itself can only display one out of 16 background colors and one out of 16 text colors. There is no chance to display an image inside of the window. All you could do is some ASCII arts and you could use one of those third party tools that allows you to select separate colors for each character.
You can't in the same window, as it is a fairly restricted text interface. You can however tell it to open images in external program using the START command. Alternatively, if really want to, simple ASCII graphics are possible, and can even be persuaded to use colours.