Battery Wiring?

I have new Li-ion batteries for my mac but i wasn't completely sure on how to wire it up to the old circuitry. I know that "vg" is the ground and the "vp" is the positive. I am assuming "vl" goes to the wire "vl" i dont know what that is thought.  But there is a "vh" spot on the new battery but on the old circuitry there was no wire going to there? Do I solder that wire there? There is also two very thin wires labeled ntc, i can not find a spot on the old circuitry for that is it necessary?

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canucksgirl5 years ago
I know you asked about this already... so I would suggest that you simply sell it (to some other unsuspecting person) and buy a battery that you know will work. The fact that batteries have been known to heat up and spontaneously combust is enough of a reason that I personally wouldn't put that in my MacBook. Batteries can be replaced, but can you afford to replace your laptop?
If you need further convincing, read this article at

A disaster waiting to happen.
grenadier5 years ago
I see no reason why they shouldn't work as replacements. Hell, if they have more mAh than the OEM ones then you'll have a longer battery life :-)
lemonie5 years ago
You reckon these will work to power a mac-book?
If they ain't direct replacements, I wouldn't try this...