Battery of Playbook? How to save it?

Just bought a BlackBerry PlayBook from Bell Canada...very satisfied with the multitask...I use it for chatting, surfing and video watching. That's why I had to recharge it every day! Do you have any tips to save the battery? thanks!?

aelias366 years ago
Here are some tips:

> Less video watching
> Turn off WiFi when not in use
> Turn off Bluetooth when not in use
> Perform a deep-cycle charge (Let the battery die and charge it to 100) once a month
> Turn down screen brightness
Mostly good points. Though lithium batteries, unlike earlier technologies, are actually pretty happy with being continuously kept at the top of their charge.
lemonie6 years ago

Put it in a jar, in a box, in a cellar.

orksecurity6 years ago
The video watching is probably burning more power than anything else.

The way you use less power is to ... um... USE less power.