Battery operated LED lighting inside for inside a picture frame shadow box ?

I need to light a shadow box for a guitar and would like to know if I can use battery's to power it  and a timer to shut it of after a few hours,
the box would measure 26 wide and 40 tall
And help would be greatly appreciated 

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colie19042 years ago

After haloween i bought a couple LED light strands on sale that were to go in a pumpkin or whatever and it ran on 3 AA batteries and had a timer on for 6hrs. Off for 18hrs.

I had bought it for the bulbs but have been wanting to make an illuminated box like you explained using the timed battery pack. Maybe there is something similar but for easter instead since it just passed... try craft stores like Michaels or joann's or big lots if there are any of those stores near you.

-max-2 years ago

I'm sorry there is a misunderstanding on your part, though that is not by fault, and common seriously? Do you think using LED strips is only your idea? It is a complete coincidence that I mentioned the same thing, they are clearly well suited for that task, they are the the most obvious to mention. (in fact, I was looking at my LED desk lamp, this one: when I mentioned using them. After all, great minds think alike, but I have lost a lot of respect for you from all this completly insensible arguing.

-max-2 years ago

No need to yell, seriously, chill out.

The only comment I see you have still posted reads: "it would be better."

The comment up their ^^^ I have written was before I saw your comment, and certainly posted before any any revision you have made.

-max-2 years ago

What are you talking about????? I posted that comment before I even read any of your comments here... I am not doubting your answer (which you deleted, BTW) in any way at all, get off my back!

Only after posting my 2 cents did I bother to scroll down to see what others are saying and seeing the really expensive battery/charger thing you linked in, I figured you may have had a reason I was not aware of to sugesst it, so I asked. But clearly not.

-max- -max-2 years ago

Besides, I did NOT copy any of your text, I don't plagiarize other's. I simply was not aware that you had already posted a vaguely similar comment...

-max-2 years ago

Yeah, I know it draws plenty of current, and I have killed traces on PCBs with it, completly vaporizing them! So now some of my boards have bodge wires to make them work! :) (tip: do not let that thing short out, really bad stuff happens unlike the nicer current limited supplies I'm used to!)

-max-2 years ago

I cannot speak for it's real capacity, it is probably less than the rating, I have that battery for my quad, and it lasts for about the sum of 10 minutes on a charge last I tested it like that. It is pretty heavy and big, and I keep crashing, and have not had a really good continuose flight out of it.

iceng2 years ago

Consider the LED strip

Runs off 12VDC now some math 300LEDs use 3A so 90 leds will use 900ma

that will need o.9a x 4hr a 4.5 amphour Lion battery is about 11oz @ $33

I would still recommend a small wall wart over the need to recharge the Lion battery after every use. Do look at this little night-lite that runs 24/7 off a wall wart and is attractive enough to be allowed a wall position in our home by my wife

Let me know and we can show you how to make or buy a timer circuit.

-max-2 years ago
-max-2 years ago

A small 3S LiPo battery may be a good source of power, they can deliver a good amount of energy, can have crazy high amounts of power density (a measure of how much power it can deliver for a given size, similar concept to C rating) for RC models, (not really necessary for this though) and are not that much more $$$.

LED stips may be the way to go, find one with about a 12V rating, so no conversion from the 3S battery is needed.

Wired_Mist2 years ago

+1 on the wall-wart

Unfortunately Light strips and Batteries don't really work. yeah you can turn them off to save power but the Capacity simply isn't there :'( You would need to charge it every night ! (Allthough that 22AH battery I saw on Iceng's link looks promissing !)

Can you hide the cable or Disguise it with something?

iceng2 years ago

That is centimeters ?

Can you guess how many white LEDs you need ?

lester.herbertson (author)  iceng2 years ago
about 90 leds

It would be a very small guitar.

lester.herbertson (author)  steveastrouk2 years ago
its a fender electric and measures 39" tall