Battery powered spark plug driver

hi every one i have a Bosch ignition coil but i don't know how to run it with a battery i have tries a few methods but it didn't work can any body help me with a diagram please.

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Re-design8 years ago
I don't have one here to test but it is my opinion from what I know about other coils the the two pins in the plug at the top, one is a direct connection to the primary and the other is a connection thru the resistor.  I believe this coil has an internal resistor.  Coils are meant to run on about 9-10 volts but at starting the resistor is bypassed and they get the full 12-13 volts.

The other connection to the primary is thru the ground.

The secondary of course is thru the ground and that bullet shaped pin on the back side.

If you run the coil at the full 12-13 volts continuously it might work for ever or it might burn out after an hour or so.

If this doesn't work then the coil might be bad.
orksecurity8 years ago
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