Beat an RFID reader/lock?

Wondering if anyone knows a way to bead an RFID lock reader, like the ones found on many security doors at schools and stores. I thought maybe there would be a way to make a RFID from a credit card, DVD case, etc. into one which could be used to unlock these security locks.

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lemonie7 years ago
Do you know the RFID codes for these locks?

x0mb13z (author)  lemonie7 years ago
No actually. I'm kinda suckish with technology but I've been trying to move more and more into the field, and so I thought replicating a key for the RFID reader on the doors at my school would be a good first step.
lemonie x0mb13z7 years ago
You could replicate a key, if you knew the code. Or maybe not.
If the tags are hard-coded with unique IDs it could be difficult. Would you know what make / model of system this is (at school)?

x0mb13z (author)  lemonie7 years ago
What if i could get a hold of one of these RFID cards that open the door, would there be any way to get the code off of that?
x0mb13z (author)  x0mb13z7 years ago
Like if I had a reader and program and could get a hold of one of these cards or even just within the right range, would it be possible to copy the tag and open the lock without the card?
lemonie x0mb13z7 years ago
It depends upon what system it is, we're not sure how these things work at the moment. Read anything printed on the devices like names?

orksecurity7 years ago
Don't beat locks, or we'll call the ASPCL on you.

The simple answer is "no". The protocols are different.
mathews7 years ago
So you want to deactivate security tags so you can remove items from a premises without being caught?

Note: You can be arrested for being caught with such a device.
No, he wants to break into/out of a secured area for some reason. Still most likely illegal, though.