Beginners' electronics books for kids?

Any suggestions for titles? I'm a beginner myself, but would like simpler material for kids age 8-12 and simply haven't found any really good ones at the local library - but then again, I might not know a good one if I found it :P Thanks to all.

bertwert4 years ago
-electronics for dummies
-circuit building for dummies
can't remember what one was better
Uncle Roger8 years ago
I can't say whether or not it's any good -- I've only just ordered it myself -- but I've found this DVD intended for kids:

You can also get it with $7.50 discount at

As I said, I know nothing about it, but it might be worth a look.
SFHandyman8 years ago
Snap Circuits! Snap Circuits! Snap Circuits!!

Did I mention Snap Circuits?

It isn't a book, but they are so fun. You do get a project book, but you also get every part you need to build those projects. I've been looking for an excuse to mention them on Instructables. There aren't that many products on Amazon that have a solid 5 star rating but Snap Circuits do.

I actually bought Snap Circuits Extreme (750 projects) for ME, and I'm 47.

Read the reviews on Parents rave about them, and kids seem to really love them. In the reviews parents talk about their kids being instantly enthused and engrossed in them. They can't wait to show their parents their new projects. Moms and Dads have confessed to being very tempted to send the kids to bed early so they can play with the Snap Circuits.

They are all the things that you'd mount on a bread board installed on little boards with snaps on the end. The same snaps as you find on clothing. You just snap them together to build projects. They come with a project book explaining how to build each circuit. They come in different sizes. I think it starts at 100 projects. I'd start with the 300 project kit if you can afford it. You can get completer kits to upgrade a smaller set.

When you are 8-12 (or 47) hunting down parts from a project book, then soldering them, or mounting them on a bread board is just too much to start. If you have a snap circuits kit, you already have the parts to build hundreds of projects. Find one you really like? Then you can go out and get the parts to build a permanent one.

I couldn't recommend them more. The only complaint is a lack of explanation on some of the parts. There are pdfs that you can download from the manufacturer with more complete information. There are also forums and they accept project ideas from kids for a "Kid Kreation" section on the Elenco website.
UziMonkey8 years ago
I don't know about books, but there are electronics kits you can get with easy to follow books. The "101 projects" type things, either with breadboard or the spring type connectors. They intended for kids and young adults, it might be what you're looking for. I'm pretty sure Radio Shack sells one, but you can get a better deal and selection online.