Being accepted into contest?

Its been four days since i submitted my instructable into the jury rig and epilog contests and was just wondering if you get a notification when its been accepted or do you get on if you aren't accepted. Thanks!

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Vyger4 years ago
Sometimes the dart throwing monkey who makes the choices gets overworked and throws a fit instead of a dart. It takes them several days to get him back into the throwing routine. And sometimes he gets confused and throws poo instead of darts and then they have to bring in the hazmat cleanup interns. Its just a lot of monkeying around.
Kiteman4 years ago
When you enter your project, you get an automatic email that says the entry has been received.

Once a human being has had a chance to read the project, you will get a second email to say whether it has been accepted or rejected.

As long as you have had the first email, you can relax.
bwrussell4 years ago
You'll get an email either way but it can take awhile sometimes. Particularly if these general contests that accept almost all entries, they tend to batch them a bit more.
Also your instructable shows it was posted only 2 days ago so it will probably be monday or tuesday before it's accepted.
i don't know about getting an email or something when its accepted but Ive had stuff go almost a week and a half before it was accepted so just be patient and keep checking. :D