Best Clear coat type?

Hello craftsmen!
I like making props and thing from games and media i play, such as Corvo's sword from Dishonored. However, i have a problem with protecting them. After painting them with either acrylic spray or brush paint, I need a clear coat to protect it. I would prefer to use a aerosol paint, due to the ease and lack of smudging it gives. I generally use acrylic paint, either applied by brush or spray cans onto wood, pvc and metal. Does anyone know a good brand or type they use? I would prefer something available in the international markets and in places like dubai, singapore, india, etc.
Thanks for reading, and please help!

If you don't prep the item well then it won't matter what paint or clear coat you use. Without proper preparations then paint can easily chip off.You also need to consider the environment the items will be in and whether a water based or oil based paint would be best.

But the best clear coat you can use to protect things would be a good 2 part epoxy. It's not cheap and doesn't come in a spray can but will take a beating and outlast any other clear coat.
nerd12 (author)  mpilchfamily1 year ago
Ok, thanks. I generally tend to properly prep the surface, but it still causes it to chip when i drop it. Sometimes the PVC underneath chips. So i want something tough, to form a clear coating on it. Probably something plastic and non-penetrating.
I will look into two part epoxies, can you suggest a brand or type? If i just look for two part epoxies I will end up with finding just adhesive epoxies, rather than coat. Any specific term for them?
Most paints don't bond well with PVC. Especially a water based paint like acrylics. The major spray paint brands sell paints designed to bond with plastics. Use them on PVC

The stuff you want is called liquid glass. It finishes clear. Most epoxies will yellow as they cure and are not meant as a protective coating.
nerd12 (author)  mpilchfamily1 year ago
I looked up liquid glass, but it seems to be for use against spillage and such. Will it protect a paint coat from damage if i were to drop a prop? Have you used it?
Liquid glass is a very strong and clear epoxy resin. Often it's used on wood furniture to seal the wood so you can see all the details in it and protect it from just about everything. If you've ever been to a restaurant like Joe's Crab Shack and see the tables that have things embedded in them and a thick clear coating over it all that is liquid glass. At Joe's the tables are constantly beat upon with hammers to crack open the crabs. It will stand up to a beating.