Best first electrical project?

OK, so I know that that it is an oxy-moron, but what is the safest high voltage machine that I can make? Assuming I take all precautions and follow all steps, what would be a good thing to get into the world of high voltage? I know how dangerous it is, so instead of telling me that they are all too dangerous (which they pretty much are) could you tell me what the best thing to start with would be?

Tesla coil. Plenty of 'ible resources on them here. The old van de Graaf generator is pretty good but takes a lot of making.
Ouch, Not the Tesla Coil first up, the van de graff generator would be good, just because you don't wan't to be making something too deadly first. But once you know a bit about electrical things, a Tesla Coil would be interesting to try. Other than that, I agree with Steveastrouk
noahh (author)  thermoelectric8 years ago
Thanks! I was trying to decided between a Jacob's Ladder or a Van De Graff Generator, so now I will look into the latter.