Best material for an rc car body?

I bought a nice futaba controller set from Hobby Town USA and built a RC Hovercraft with it. It was a failure, so I took it apart. I now would like to tackle something easier, like an RC Car. There is less worry about weight on one of these, like there is on a hovercraft. What would be the best material to use to build the frame? I was thinking PVC, but I'm no expert.


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jeff-o7 years ago
You could build it out of square wood dowel.  It can be cut accurately with a hand saw, and glued with a good, strong wood glue.  Reinforce the joints with pieces of thick card stock.  Build a "skin" for it with more card stock.
kcls (author)  jeff-o7 years ago
That's a good idea! Thanks!
LoneWolf7 years ago

Sheet Metal.

kcls (author)  LoneWolf7 years ago
Nah, I'm not much of a metal worker, and fiberglass is a bit expensive I think. Plastic may work, though. Thanks for answering almost all my questions too!
LoneWolf kcls7 years ago
Your welcome!!!
sharlston7 years ago
fiberglass and carbon they are a bit ear what about perspex/plexiglass
I once built something like that out of aluminum. If you know how to work with aluminum that's the way to go.
kcls (author)  coolpizzadude7 years ago
Sorry for the late reply... I'm not much of a metal worker. I know how to solder electronics and that's about it. Thanks anyway, though!
OK then I'd use wood or plastic.
lemonie7 years ago
I'll suggest card & glue. If you use epoxy you've got a lightweight tough composite, a bit like carbon-fibre, but actually carbohydrate-fibre.
Easy to cut & shape, easy to assemble.

kcls (author)  lemonie7 years ago
Heh... Carbohydrate fiber. That's funny. Thanks for the idea.

P.S. You may want to change your profile picture. It's not the weekend anymore.
Burf7 years ago
I used to build slot cars using brass tubing.  You can solder it together into almost any configuration you want, it comes in a myriad of sizes and shapes, there are ready made suspension components and it is available in almost any hobby shop.