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I was wandering if you could make "the best of instructables book"? as there all instructables that every one has acess to. It may take time but would save you money if you printed it at a photo printing place or somewhere like that.

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kelseymh8 years ago
Wait a minute. He's suggesting that we be able to print it ourselves. Maybe for a fee or something? If you purchase a paid account ("Pro"), then you have access to the ALLSTEPS view for every Instructable, and access to PDF versions. So you could print them all out yourself. However, the book is not just a compilation. Some of the I'bles featured are just described, not reproduced in full. There are also essays for each chapter. If you want free, then do it yourself.
oscarthompson (author)  kelseymh8 years ago
Wait... normal members get the PDF acounts now, I do, but thanks for the answer.
Yes, until 4 September 2009. After that, it's paid account feature.
oscarthompson (author)  kelseymh8 years ago
Ohh... I might consider being a pro member then thanks for the comments
Chicken22098 years ago
Are you suggesting the idea of a "Best of Instructables" Book?
mikeasaurus8 years ago