Best photo size for upload?

What is the reccomended size of a image for upload to Instructables?

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It really depends on your goal and preferences, but there are a few things to consider.

I aim for 500x500 for image size, but I am slightly protective of my photos and don't like to put it all out there.  Here's my post explaining why I don't provide larger images on my blog and perhaps why you should consider using smaller images for Instructables. 

The automatic resizing isn't very attractive on Instructables, and smaller images look better in thumbnail and in the steps.  I'll admit 500x500 is on the small side.  You could go to 800x800 for readers who would like to see more detail.

Very large images just aren't very viewable on most computer screens.  I don't like to go above 1024x768 unless I'm providing a wallpaper.  If more detail is needed, I just provide the pertinent portion of the original.
yokozuna7 years ago
I usually set my camera down to 5MP and just upload the photos as such, which comes out to 2592x1944 pixel size and about 1MB per pic. I think having nice sized photos is good if someone wants to look closely at the photo detail, but any bigger than that just is wasted space, IMO. Perhaps one of the staffers has a different answer, but as an author that's what I would recommend.
sdudley (author)  yokozuna7 years ago
craftyv sdudley7 years ago
I'm glad you asked this question even though I don't really know what it all means, other than the smaller the resolution the sharper the image. I am almost 70 and have just got my 1st. camera so I'm on a steep learning curve. Mega pixels and Mega bites I get but how that relates to the setting on my camera I have no idea. Thanks all. [i'm making my first instructable right now] I did say my learning curve was steep, didn't I.
Ditto. Depending on which camera I use, my photos have all been taken at either 3MP or 5MP.

NatNoBrains7 years ago
Firstly, you probably want to turn your camera to the lowest megapixels possible ( I use 3MP) and the size doesn't really matter if you have a lower MegaPixel
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