Best rubber bands

I make a lot of knex guns and was wondering what people thought were the best rubber bands to use on them are generally, and where to buy them. Also any website links would be much appreciated, thanks.

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#64's Buy a 100 pack for 99 cents.
I agree. #64 rubber bands FTW!!!
cdubnbird8 years ago
we use rubber bands for an unrelated subject (as a mode of power) and we soak them in motor oil to keep them elastic and stretchy when we're not using them.
knexsniper18 years ago
#64's are the best. i use the blue ones that are latex free. they have larger than normal elasticity, so they stretch farther, and they go back to their original shape so it doesn't wear out very easily.
Capt. Howdy8 years ago
Red ones they are more elastic and last longer. I used to know the reason why but i forgot . it has something to do with the ingredients used to make them.
wilcurt8 years ago
Beacon rubber bands seem to work the best.

The rubber bands come in different sizes which helps.

Here's a link.