Best thread for stitching and sewing leather?

It has been recommended by many leather experts to use a strong thread for stitching or sewing leather. Would someone please inform me of the right or best thread to use? Thank you very much!

Ninzerbean1 year ago
I would use a waxed linen thread, waxing will make it slide easier. Just be sure that you can't break it by pulling really hard on it, if you can then don't use it.
I've also seen used (in conjunction) a punch with multiple dies to pre-cut the pinholes and form the thread troughs -- seems important to reduce friction as you work.
anniebee10 months ago
Guterman make a thread for upholstery which is good for using on a sewing machine for sewing leather. Put some sticky tape on the presser foot to help it 'glide' over the leather & buy leather point needles for your machine- you will get better results. A teflon foot is ideal but the tape is ok for small jobs.
rickharris1 year ago
Although you have got an answer you like try this - Go to a horse chandler and buy some of the thread they use to tie up a horses tail for competitive riding.

It is a polyester thread that is very very strong and thicker - You can wax it with candle wax or bees wax.

I use it for all sorts of things.
blkhawk (author)  rickharris1 year ago
Thank you Mr. Harris. I wish I could award everyone a Best Answer.
I've used quilting thread with success, but I second the suggestion on waxing the string. Doesn't take much, but it made my project worlds easier.

Good luck!
rimar20001 year ago
Nylon thread? That serves for fishing. It is VERY STRONG.
Vyger1 year ago
I used braided nylon fishing line for making repairs to leather horse tack. (Saddles, bridals, etc) It is flexible like thread because it's not a mono filament and is super strong. It also does not rot so it lasts indefinitely.
Burf1 year ago
Truthfully, it doesn't make a whole lot of difference, it just depends on what type of stitching you're doing.
My choice for general purpose; I've found that Duel Duty (37% cotton/63% polyester) thread works well for its strength, non-fraying and the fact it doesn't tend to enlarge the holes.
Nylon frays easily and enlarges the holes but is strong.
Silk is strong and stitches well but it stretches easily.
Linen thread is strong but bulky and enlarges the holes.
I have even used dental floss on a few projects where I wanted an extremely strong thread.
Your best bet is to evaluate what qualities you need or want for a particular project and use whatever closely matches that.