Best type of batteries for solar panel use?

I'm looking for something with a long lifetime that needs little maintenance, and is recyclable. Currently leaning towards "Absorbed Glass Mat" batteries.

Has anyone had any issues using those, is there something better out there?

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iceng5 years ago
A super capacitor is a logical choice for daily charge / discharge
forever cycles and will outlast any battery hands down.

What kind of price/performance ratio are they at now ?

Check this instructable out. It gives you a detailed guide to setting up a solar system.

Screen Shot 2014-10-05 at 10.35.28 am.png
Dr.Bill5 years ago
I use a Trojan 200Ah battery that runs a tool that uses 410W in 8 hours.
I have 5-20W solar panels, 100W total, to charge the battery. It takes 5 hours to re-charge after use. I only use the machine continuously at night.

The Trojan 200Ah battery gives me about 3 days autonomy.
It is an acid flooded battery that I prefer over the AGM batteries. I'm old school.
WWC5 years ago
In my area MOTOLITE is the best deep cycle battery and almost the only choice. Its the one i use for my system. Twice as expensive as automotive battery, but you will need the deep cycle battery so as to have electricity through the night and on cloudy days.

I haven't seen the type of battery you are describing use for home use on a system that is fairly big. Mainly i have seen that type of battery on small automatic gate openers ect. Most home systems use the deep cycle battery.

If you are in the US then Interstate is the brand i used to use most.

The number of solar panels are you planing on using determines the quantity of batteries you will need. The number of batteries determines the number of charge controllers and so on.

Good luck!
Hawker Cyclon batteries are probably the best, but you'll really have to pay for them . Otherwise deep-cycle "leisure" or "traction" batteries are probably a good choice.