Best way to eradicate termites by DIY?

Beat way to eradicate termites by DIYf?

Burf6 years ago
The straight up answer is there is no way for you to do it properly. Even if you are able to kill off the current infestation, unless you also kill the colony, they will return.
It is normally a prolonged and ongoing process to eradicate the colony. If your home or another structure is infested, you will save time, money and help prevent future damage if you get it done by a pro, sooner rather than later.
rickharris6 years ago
We don't get termites her,e but plenty of other wood boring insects, general advice for minor infestation is remove the infested wood and burn. Treat remaining wood with some kind of repellent/preservative and hope.

Foe bigger infestation get pro help.