Best way to make a K'Nex sight?

I don't have bendy rods, but I want you guys to tell me what your favorites are and ones you've made.

I don't mean green rods, or black Y connectors, I mean like things that required some thinking to make.

No, I don't want a scope. A simple but effective, possibly even adjustable sight.

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You should check out the latest sight on knex gun builder's P90.
DB2016 (author)  Raz1r Knex Bull3t6 years ago
Cool, thanks. But I think a modified version of
is best for me, haha. I'll check that out though.
DB2016 (author)  DB20166 years ago
Wait, I REALLY hope you're kidding.
DJ Radio6 years ago
Personally I would recommend NOT bothering with putting a sight on a knex gun since they are never used and don't actually contribute anything except a false sense of security and making the user of said gun think they are sup3r l337 sniper, but if you really want a GOOD sight, (Atlas) made a really good red dot sight. Of course he did have a specially colored connector to do this but it is really good.
DB2016 (author)  DJ Radio6 years ago
Meh. They're fun to use, fun to build,...