Best zombie Killing shotgun?

I need the coolest looking zombie killing shot gun

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Henry Jones4 years ago
SPAS-12 shotgun, no stock
Just like Gordon Freeman
tincanz7 years ago
What about cutting off a piece of the nose of any shotgun, at a really sharp angle, so you can stab, bludgeon, and shoot with it?
The angle at which the pellets spread out would increase, also, so more of a zombies head could get caught in the blast of one shot, right?
h8864 tincanz5 years ago
it would not work the shot would spread unevenly.

and sawwed off shotguns have a tendency to misfire a lot.
tincanz h88645 years ago
hmm. Thanks for the correction.
h88645 years ago
id say use a bolt or semi-auto 22 lr or 308 rifle the rounds are very inexpensive and 22 lr go for anywhere from $5-$10 for 500 rounds. then add a shotgun attachment of some kind to the bottom and an optic sight/variable scope. if your a good shot there will be no zombies
Personally, I like the Mossberg 500, it's reliable, pretty accurate with rifled slugs, and it holds 5 rounds depending on the length of the shells. I wouldn't reccomend an auto-shotgun because they waste ammo very quickly. However, If you go with an auto-shotgun, go with the AA-12 or USAS-12. The only advantage the Pancor Jackhammer MK3A1 has over every other auto-shotgun is that its magazine can be used as an anti-personel mine.
mossberg guns break and malfunction very quickly.

my brothers mossberg 22 always jams on the first shot and they are vey low powered even if its a 12 guage
lioneatr8 years ago
go down to your friendly neighborhood zombie killing store and buy a M249 SAW and shotgun shells and put shells on the belt and fire away at your tv while you are playing Left 4 dead!!!
h8864 lioneatr5 years ago
the shells would never fit into the gun
daywalker428 years ago
oooohh come on a mossberg?! if you're in the zombie apocalypse, you need a good old Remi 870, the marine special edition, it has a nice short barrel, good for up close and personal crowd control without giving up too much accuracy. personally, I'd have a collapsible folding type stock, but I do tend to like those XD put a pistol grip on the pump and a laser sight and you'll be annhilating the undead hordes in record amounts.........or you could drop shotguns and get the amazig SIG 556........I would kill for that gun. not the point XD
i agree an 870 is a good gun but his idea is better with everything just need to carry good ol' slugs with you too
I have experinced these before and i'd say that a turret is better than a shotgun by far, but the Mossberg would do perfectly.
zombie fan6 years ago
just a simple pump or semi auto. but semi auto is what i would use, but a larger shell would do more damage to a zomie skull.
mrelement6 years ago
SPAS-12 just incase they hapen to be nazi zombies
EmmettO7 years ago
Hands down the Mossberg 410 Home Defender. It has a extra large magazine (it's illegal to hunt with because of it). It also has storage for extra ammo and a pistol grip. The street sweeper is illegal to own and only (to my knowledge) available to military and police in South Africa. You might be put in jail for owning it so a gun that will not land you in jail is a plus. Secondly it's nearly impossible to aim the street sweeper.
rjg05197 years ago
Use a real Shotgun and get a Mossberg 835. This'll shoot 3.5" magnum if you're not a girly guy and can handle the recoil of firing a frickin' cannon from your shoulder. Alternatively, on any 12ga. use Centurion Law Enforcement rounds that are packed with 1 .650" pumpkin ball and 6 #1 buckshot balls. It's similar to firing a .50 cal. and 6 .32ACP rounds at once. Perfect zombie gun...
gduk7 years ago
Hmmm, some interesting suggestions, I think a Ithaca model 37, with mag extender tube, fully parkerized finish, good enough for Nam, good enough for the undead!!  
ghaack7 years ago
A sawed-off Mossberg 500 with an MP5 stuck onto the pump.  Trust me, it can be done.
Spas12 with buckshot or deer slug
elite148 years ago
I'd go with the M3, otherwise i'd just take a G-36
An Villain8 years ago
this is a very extreme case, so i think you may not have to result to something like this, but if you do, i would suggest a full auto of some sort, (shotgun EFFECT optional, do not use an actual shotgun, too bulky.)
bertzie8 years ago
Using a shotgun to kill zombies is like using a battleship to go fishing. Horribly inefficient, and too bulky to move quickly.
The AA-12. Fully automatic with 300 rounds a minute, comparable to the SAW, bye bye zombies!
Pancor Jackhammer, or street Sweeper.
Shotguns aren't that great for zombie killing, their spread is too wide. What you would really need is some kind of battle rifle.
landmanhall8 years ago
Mossberg 590 with a pistol grip, folding stock, flash supressor, light and barrel shroud looks cool and makes a great home defense gun. Watch the recoil if you arent using a shoulder stock. 00 Buck makes good zombie rounds, takes there heads right off!
jtobako8 years ago
Coolest is a street-sweeper. Do we get to see the artwork?
iwillspy13 (author)  jtobako8 years ago
maybe, if your lucky. I might decide to sell them!
you dont want cool you want quality also for zombies you would want semi auto or pump action with a pistol grip