Bicycle trailer bed?

Has any one seen a Bicycle trailer that turns in to a sleeping trailer. and yes I have looked on the web I'm looking to build one.

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I've always had this idea: Take a kids bike trailer, remove the rollover rails, and attach one of thoes three-way-folding lounge chairs that you get a a beach store, and find a way to mount a small pup tent on top. It wouldnt be heavy, and it'd still be small. most of the bits are pre made and can be bought second-hand, so it's cheap, and I'me sure it could be sturdy if you take your time.

I've always wanted to try it, but I don't have the money, lol.
If I ever get the cash, I'll post an instructable !
Keep us updated!
randomray8 years ago
Have you checked this out , I would make it a little smaller more like this oldy or another or mine it's not really a sleeper maybe these will give you some more ideas .
rowerwet8 years ago
you could also look at motorcycle tent trailers for some ideas, also look at sites for teardrop trailers for ideas.
BigDave678 years ago
Have you seen Tony's Trailers
There are two such trailers on that site. True, it is a commercial site, but maybe you can get something from the pictures.

the pvc bike guy (author)  BigDave678 years ago
Thanks for the info.