Bike dynamo help!

I figured out how to make a bike dynamo.  How can I use the power it generates to charge a 12V battery?

kludgecycle7 years ago
I have done this.  What kind of power are you generating?  AC?  DC?  What voltage?
Kid Ninja (author)  kludgecycle7 years ago
Well, I've changed it around a little, but I still need some help.   If igure instead of going to a battery, I want to make it go to a capacitor, to a voltage regulator, to a motor.  Can anyone help with the circuit diagram?

P.S. The generator is mostly just the Bike Generator by dbc1218.
Re-design7 years ago
Uh.  Hook positive to positive and negative to negative and pedal away.

P.S. you must be generating dc.  If not then put in a diode to rectify the ac.