I'm surprised you don't include the blindstitch. It's the "invisible stitch" used to handstitch hem a garment once the edges of fabric and folded over, pinned and ironed perfectly flat. I must admit I just hem with a machine stitch nowadays, but I still remember blindstitching the five foot (or more) hem around a very full cotton prairie skirt (think hippy dippy 1960's) with one teeny stitch after another. Especially on fancy garments, it completely hides the hem thread.

PattyP17 (author) 8 months ago

I see now that you are calling blindstitch and slipstitch the same thing, I think. They are similar. The blindstitch for a hem has short 1/4" stitches on the inside of the hem on a garment and the front stitch is "picked" from the inside, catching only one thread of the woven fabric. Nice lessons!