Blu ray player not playing DVD?

Hi  everyone. I have a Samsung 5.1ch 3D Blu-ray Home Theatre System - HTE3550. It has worked fine and played dvd, blu ray, and CD with no issues. Recently It stopped playing DVD altogether, even with a brand new DVD. Looking around The only cause that I have heard about online is that the lazer is blown. Has anyone else got any ideas about what might be wrong, I'm stuck. I might give a laser cleaning disk a go.

Tophey2 years ago

windows blu-ray player is a shareware for playing DVD, but a totally freeware for playing DVD

framistan3 years ago
Always try the simplest things first. Unplug it. Wait a minute or 2 for internal capacitors to discharge. Then plug it back in and see if the unit will boot up and work. If that doesn't do it, go into the menu option and see if there is a reset or factory settings option and try activating that. Lens cleaning disk is another easy thing to try as you stated. Still no fix? Open the unit up see if there are any fuses on the circuit board (make sure unit is unplugged from power before opening the case). Maybe a fuse blew. Sometimes fuses blow from a momentary power surge, and replacing them fixes it. If the mechanical assembly looks easily replaceable, see if they sell them online cheap and try replacing it yourself. No guarantee that will fix it, but might be worth the gamble.
Burf3 years ago
A blu-ray player uses a 650 nm red laser diode to read DVDs and a Blu-ray Disc requires a 405 nm "blue" laser diode. I would suspect the the red laser isn't functioning either because the red diode is bad or there is a breakdown to a part in the DVD circuit.