Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy module for independant wireless bracelet?

I'd like to make a wireless bracelet linked to my phone via Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy (BLE).
BUT, i can't find lots of information about BLE module.
In one hand, i found this special BLE Arduino : but i think i won't power it with just a simple watch battery. Am i right? And if i have to power it with 2 AA battery, i won't build a bracelet...

In the other hand, i've read an Instructable topic about a vibrating bracelet (almost the purpose of me) here :
The person uses a Bluetooth Low Energy module , ConnectBlue part #: OLP425i-26. It seems to fit my needs, but also seems to be more difficult to program as it is not an arduino of something else.

What do you think of that? I need advice...
Thank you for your time.

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dcms44 years ago
Chris, depending on the platform the code base and requirements to code can be different. For example to really code to the ti CC2540 you need the IAR workbench, which is pretty pricey. The OLP modules you mentioned, in personal experience are more difficult to code as you mentioned. The RFDuino is a solid platform built on the Nordic Modules which have their own wrapper for development, other than that I'm not super familiar with them. I'm still waiting for my kickstarter rewards from the project.

I work for a small startup that has an easy to use module, the todally Smart Beacon that is built on the Bluegiga module. They've wrapped the cc2540 in the necessary hardware for certification and then created their own SDK so firmware is written in BGScript. The modules come with 2k of memory and will support a variety of I/O pins for basic functionality. But, if you need the power of duino, you can interface with any duino, such as a tiny duino or tiny lilly using UART or I2C. Our modules will run on a 2032 watch battery for over a year, depending on exactly what you're doing with it. To get started you'd need a module ($40) and a ccDebugger from ti ($60) and you could develop your project. for more details. Best of luck.
ChristopheHvd (author) 4 years ago
Hi guys,
Thank you for answers.
The thing is, I realized my project will be a lot easier with a static device instead of a bracelet. But I keep your answers for a future project (i'd love to test BLE technology ^^).
Thank you very much ?

im disappointed you won't be pursuing this. i came across this post and its exactly what i was trying to do.

jaime99994 years ago
1. Adafruit Industries makes a tiny bluetooth module:

2. You can buy the off-the-shelf Satechi bluetooth controller (which controls Macs and iPhones and probably PCs) and hotwire its keyboard or remount its internals with a replacement keyboard on your bracelet:
You could spend $40 or more and make your own bracelet or you can spend that much and buy one that probably has more functionality then what you'll be able to make.
those bracelets are all bluetooth classic, not BLE.