Boondock Saints 30mm ring help please?

Hi, i'm building from scatch a boondock saints rosary, i've got eveything i need apart from one crucial peice, a silver(colour) ring 30mm diamater, 20mm inner, around 1-2 mm thick, tried everything from exhaust rings to jewlers lol please help :) x

Picture of Boondock Saints 30mm ring help please?
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watsonsinc (author) 8 years ago
hehehehe thanks for the replies :) found the ideal peice in a hardware store, its disc used to make a 30mm cutting disc fit a 20mm machine lol who'd have thought :)
Please post the steps! I have a little brother who loves the movies and I would like to make him one.
Hello, I have been given the task of creating 2 Saints Rosaries... How did you create the cross, If you don't mind me asking??? I have searched for 6 months and no luck on finding a cross even close. No I found someone to make it from scratch but I figure you have already made one so, maybe you can help. Thanks.
mikeasaurus8 years ago
try looking for old science equipment like microscopes and scales. there are plenty of devices which use washers or spacers that look very similar to what you are looking for.
Thats a good idea. Head down to the local auto parts store and get friendly with the owner. I'll bet he knows if there might be something like that there.
Re-design8 years ago
Cut a thin piece of thick walled alum. tubing.
Or cut a circle out of aluminum plate.