Boost converter?

How to make boost converter that will convert 3.8 volts to 5 volts for my android????

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iceng1 year ago

Is the yellow area where you want to put the boost converter ?

PavleP (author)  iceng1 year ago

I need it because I want to power OTG devices when I connect them and I need 5 volts for that.

iceng PavleP1 year ago

I understand you need 5 volts.

Where do you believe there is room for a mini boost parts....

Consider that the through hole parts can be reduced by 1/3 by using SMD parts and the electrolytic capacitors can be reduced 1/3 size if you use tantalum smd.

So where is there room for these parts.

PavleP (author)  iceng1 year ago

No,yellow area is place for battery.

iceng PavleP1 year ago

Would you like to have me keep on guessing ?

Or do you have an area that is suitable for a booster ?

-max-1 year ago

Buck and boost converters take a good amount of space. You need a thick PCB to mount all the parts, a chunky inductor, some capacitors, diodes, maybe resistors, the converter chip itself, all that together will simply take too much space. There almost isn't even enough room in a modern phone to stick even a paper thin (literally!) business card! Let alone another PCB... Unless you get a smaller battery and create a little space in the phone.

-max-1 year ago

There are these things called OTG cables, often sold with a small microUSB type B on one end, big female USB on the other (the kind that stuff plugs into.) Almost all modern phones, even old ones already have a built in boost converter for USB master support. (So that you can connect external devices to your phone, like flash drives and the such.)

-max-1 year ago

Why? What for? Where? Current requirements? Noise level requirements?

PavleP (author) 1 year ago

This is my android.


Why did you take apart your phone?

PavleP (author)  Yonatan241 year ago

To see where can I put converter.

PavleP (author) 1 year ago

What do I need to make boost converter that will be inside my android????

PavleP (author) 1 year ago

I want to put converter inside my android.

iceng PavleP1 year ago

I doubt there is any room inside even for three grains of sand !

iceng1 year ago

Here is an excellent ible about how to build just such a converter


Or if you don't want to do the tin foil part



Look for "Mintyboost"