Bottle lamp?

If I were making a bottle lamp with a hole cut into the base for the cord, would I just need to thread the cord through the nipple before putting the nipple into the lamp?

Paige Russell9 months ago

Hi Mike,

If I were you, I would connect all the hardware in the order that I outline in Bottle Lamp project in Lesson 9, up until securing the socket cap in place (using a socket cap WITHOUT a side outlet hole).

Then follow the instructions for the Thermos Lamp from the point of using the ball chain to pull the lamp cord up through the hole, lamp, and nipple. (Remember: You won't be adding a harp saddle to your Bottle Lamp.)

I hope this helps! Please let me know if you have any more questions.


Hi again!

I forgot to mention that you should slide a small piece (1" max) of fiberglass wire sleeve over the section of lamp cord that will sit in the hole in the bottle. This will protect it from the sharp edges of the glass. Be sure to slide this on BEFORE adding the plug or wiring the socket.

An alternative to this is filling the space between the cord and the hole edges with clear silicone caulk.

Happy making!


misfitsfanfare (author)  Paige Russell9 months ago

And here it is.....I cannibalized the shade from another lamp, so I'll probably get a better shade for it at some point......