Broken Sony Ericsson BT headset. Need DIY charger.

Hi Guys,

Need some advice please. I have this old BT earpiece sans a charger. I could buy one but trying to do it myself if I can. Not able to figure it out yet. Any suggestions?

Picture of Broken Sony Ericsson BT headset. Need DIY charger.
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petercd6 months ago

"There’s a problem with LiPos, though – they have the tendency to explode when charged incorrectly."

If you dont have the skills/ knowhow to cobble the specific charger for your batt, then you could always use a 3.7V Li ion 18350 cell instead.
rickharris6 months ago

The type of charger depends on the type of battery and the voltage.

Once you know that put battery charger circuit + details into google you will more than likely get a lot of alternative ideas.

It looks like a LIPO & may or may not be usable. They don't like being discharged for long periods.

Dave7V (author)  rickharris6 months ago

Yes this is a LiPo battery. 3.7V. Thanks for your comment. If that means I cant get this thing working, any alternative to salvage the rest of the parts in perhaps some other project?

Dave7V (author)  Dave7V6 months ago

Or may be I can get this going with an alternative source of power...???