Broken pixels on my lcd monitor?

I have a large are of dead pixels on my samsung sync master 913v monitor, how would I fix them?

Picture of Broken pixels on my lcd monitor?
Re-design5 years ago
You probably can't. That looks like the corner of the display is damaged. When lots of pixels go bad it's usually in a line across the screen or up and down. You could take the screen apart and see if you can see any damage but you probably wouldn't get the screen back together working again. Does it ever change shape?
aidanjarosgrilli (author)  Re-design5 years ago
Is sometimes changes shape by about two pixels or more.
and now there are about 2 pixels left, bus they sometimes disappear altogether.
That look like a broken display and the easiest way is to find another screen like that from other kind of unit that has board problems.
You may try to open your monitor but you cant do anything, is mostly a part problem that cant be fixed by you.