Building a cheap, cool, large Lego car?

Hi all, i have a Lego technic V8 engine, and a few gears. i really want to make a car. how? something like the lego Techniic 8880 or 8448. I also have a rcx motor. what to buy??? i think i could start with the chassis and the basic body. not all the bodywork. i'de save that for later, I think it will work out. so, what should i do next???

Look at: . Here is a basic chassis design that is customizable with instructions.
This sounds pretty cool, but there is one problem...

Lego = Cool
Lego ≠ Cheap
jeff-o7 years ago
Hey, I have the 8880! It rocks. It wasn't cheap though... As for how to go about it, just get a lot of parts and start building!
lemonie7 years ago