Building a genertor?

I have a 5sme22nj028a general electric motor and wanted to buld a generator. It is 10 pin (not including earth). I have used a voltmeter to see what generate but there are many combonations and they all seem to generate. Also it is brushless.
I have posted this question before but fogort to include that the motor says varable speed on the side. I was thinking that connecting diffrent pins would make the motor go at diffrent speeds.
In my other question someone said that it may need a mirco prosser before it. I think that this is probaly the case but wanted to see if anyone knew about this motor. So if it needs or doesnt need a micro prosessor before it, please tell me. I should be able to work it out from there.

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5sme22nj028a general electric motor wiring from F&P washing machine
I have set it up in star join the orange white green together.
then the red blue and yellow are your 3PH wires the outer wires are a second lot of windings, Hope this helps
samaddon5 years ago
YOU have an advance motor if you will connect any load on any two wire it will always supply power you are not able to judge which pair is giving maximum voltage on rotating at same speed just take one red any one black wire and use it for load! if you have any problem just mail me at!
David97 (author) 6 years ago
I've worked out what to do. All I need to do is put two diodes facing oppisate directions in each pin. Then connect all of the negitave ends and all of the positave.
rickharris6 years ago
To GENERATE electricity all you need to do is turn the motor with some form of mechanical force and take the electricity from the windings. Connecting all windings in parallel will give more current.

From what you write above I am not too sure you understand how a generator works.

In general for efficiency the device is best used as intended as a motor.
David97 (author)  rickharris6 years ago
All I need to know is the common pole that connects to all of the windings if the motor has a micro prosessor before it. OR If it is a motor where I can connect diffrent poles to get differnt speeds, I need to know what 2 poles have all of the windings connected. I have a basic understanding about how generators work (I had to fix our one in the christurch quake).
I think that if I can find the poles that give the most ohm reatance I can work out how to do it. If I can find A pole that gives even resistance between all poles I Think I can also do it. But 10 x 9 x 8 x 7...... ......x2x1 is alot of combonations to test. Thats why I am asking this question.
Has it got brushes ?
David97 (author)  steveastrouk6 years ago
Nope. Makes it harder to find what pins are + and what are - while finding the common.
David97 (author)  David976 years ago
Picture at top.
IF its PM, you should get a screwdriver to stick to the rotor.
That 5SME code isn't helping
rickharris6 years ago
OK then driving the motor will produce electricity. You can check with a multi meter which wires have current flowing in them. Connecting the windings in parallel will increase the current available.

I am sorry I don't know exactly how the winding are connected you will have to experiment to see.

Quite a lot of older washing machine motors were low voltage devices 24 or 36 volts in many cases so that may will be the output voltage you will get .
rickharris6 years ago
I am guessing here because I can't find a data sheet for the motor you give. this is a mains motor possibly multi phase??

If that's right then it more than likely isn't a permanent magnet motor. Although wound rotor and stator generators are used I think this may be more difficult to convert than you think. There are some reasonably priced generators around

I recently bought a motor generator set for well under £200
David97 (author)  rickharris6 years ago
I am 100% sure it is a pernamant magnet.
It is out of a old gental anne washing machine.
There is no brushes to the center shaft.
Found picture on google.
motor wash.jpg