Building a knex gun for power, and was wondering what type of trigger system would be best?

Just give me a few examples on other guns and I'll be good.

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You should try the TR-18 or the NAR trigger they have never failed on me, and they are very easy to pull back.
Speedmite (author)  Raz1r Knex Bull3t7 years ago
Yea, its what i usually use, somthing like that, just I have found them to fail at high forces.
Try making a working barret 50 cal i made one and it shoots 80ft
Seleziona7 years ago
Alright, If you want a powerful ram-rod gun, I would suggest a simple trigger like the one on my dragunov, or a block trigger attached to a real trigger. For a slingshot, use a ratchet, they are easy to start with.
Speedmite (author)  Seleziona7 years ago
Yes, i do believe seeing yours before, I was going to use that type of true trigger but I was working with a experemental ram, and it just wasn't going to work. I went with a pull pin for an experementat test phase, in which i discoved my entire back half was not near strong enough, and my ram to be a fail. I going to make a different gun from the ruins. Im not just starting either. Slingshots arnt great. I like guided ram rod systems where power can be maximized without rod breakage I could use a block trigger, but i find them crude and in effective. Also, on your gun, I would suggest making a ram guide, preventing bending/breaking of your rod with too much power. Thanks for your response.
Speedmite (author)  Speedmite7 years ago
On a side note, you said you achieved 65 ft with your gun. I'm curious as to how, because I can shoot through 2 layers of cardboard or pop cans, but after 30 ft or so, my ammo, ive tried everything but greens, will begin an series of twirling flips which stop it within 5 ft of the first flips. I have tried finnammo to. I found it hard to make, load and found it ineffective. more or less bands had no effect, but less slightly reduced distance is all. Also, how many bands you use?