Building a replica Colt Python?

I just built a small CNC machine to add to my workshop and was wondering if anyone has the build plans for a colt python. I would like to build an all wooden 1:1 scale replica, swing out cylinder and all. I spent hours scouring the Internet, and have found nothing of a suitable quality. So, anyone got a .dxf file(s) I can work with, or at least some accurate drawings I can take measurements from? Thanks in advance.

caarntedd6 years ago
This is all I've got, no measurements though.
rickharris6 years ago


but what is your question?
MrMystery96 (author)  rickharris6 years ago
I apologize for not having any details when the question was posted. For whatever reason, the details were not posted as well. As for the instructable you pointed me too, that's not really what I'm looking for. The quality just isn't up to par with what I'm hoping to achieve. Thanks for your answer.