Burn signs on wood?

The blade is new,has 60 tct teeth.

What is the wrong?

mikeasaurus5 months ago

Are you attempting very deep cuts, rather than successive shallow cuts?

Is your saw underpowered for the density of the material you are cutting?

Are you pushing the material through the blade too fast?

Vyger5 months ago

I found that some woods are much more prone to burning than others. The hard woods in particular will get scorched a lot easier. The worst one I have cut has been Elm. The same blade would sail through pine and even oak but would scorch and even smoke cutting Elm. So the wood you are cutting will have a lot to do with getting burn marks. If it is burning then try slowing the feed rate down. I actually thought about trying silicone spray on the blade to reduce the friction but never tried it. So you could try that and see what happens.