Burnt Leather! How can I get rid of the smell??

I recently used our amazing laser cutter on leather. The product was awesome (soon to be posted!) but three days later it still stinks! What can I do??

Picture of Burnt Leather! How can I get rid of the smell??
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randofo8 years ago
Hang it outside on a clothesline and let the wind hit it for a few hours and see if that helps.
nicelly5 years ago
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testeste6 years ago
lemon juice
what stinks ?
the room where you cut the leather ?
the piece of leather ?
mikeasaurus8 years ago
Charcoal briquettes are amazing, try putting some in a stainless steel mixing bowl near your cutter, or on the leather, whichever smells.
lebowski8 years ago
Try cleaning it and see if that helps.

  • 1 part white vinegar
  • 2 parts neatsfoot oil OR raw or food grade linseed oil
  • Use a white lint free cloth to swirl on, leave overnight then buff for maximum shine.