How can I use an iPad touchscreen replacement for my homemade tablet pc ?

How about buying only the iPad-Touchscreen for use on a home made tablet-pc ?
Wouldn't it be possible to buy just the glass with the multitouch sensor technology
(as if you had an iPad with a broken front glass and wanted to replace it) and use it on a non apple product ??!!!
Wouldn't it be cool to build your own "iPad" but with many features the real one does not have ?
Thank you for your answers !

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lemonie7 years ago
Well you'd need the whole electronics-bits, do you think you can get them?

soeinegaudi (author)  lemonie7 years ago
if you mean by "electronics-bits" the part of the screen that registers your fingers (as on the photo) I am sure you could get over the internet. i mean as an replacement for those who broke their ipad front glass. i know that it was possible for iphone and ipod touch to get that part for 30 $ or something like that over the internet....

I meant the whole PC-bit and the video-controller, power supply etc. (home made tablet-pc )

You can buy such beasties for notebooks anyway already.
Well go on and help the guy out - best answer for the taking.

soeinegaudi (author)  lemonie7 years ago
I knew that I could buy touchscreens like already said in this:
But these "usual" touchscreens are not as compfy as the iPad one.
I think the iPad-technology is called inductive touchscreen.
My question was not where to get any sort of touchscreen but how to use the one that's used for the iPad....
Lots of people offer what you want.