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rickharris4 years ago
Yes of course. Most PC's have at least 2 processors and sometimes more.

The problem is getting the software to efficiently use all of the processing power.

Distributed processing (look it up) is often used to crack big problems. thousands of PC's around the world have been analysing radio data for SETI fir years by running a screen saver.
Do you mean cores or processors Because I recall only buying one processor for my computer?
OK Cores, But they are essentially dual and quad processors.

Indeed if you add in the graphics processor (dual core) and the sound processor - who knows what else on other PCI boards - then my PC boasts at least 5 processors.
Like mh76dk points out you may buy a single core processor
but it is Bios sadw that directs it where and how to use the specialized
other processors like several Graphics, Communications, Math and
Gov Backdoor CPUs....

Well, even so. the answer to the question "CAN WE" is yes. it is only a matter of making them interoperate with eachother. we already have many processors working together in the system, the graphics-card has its own processor, in the old days we would buy math-coprocessors to improve performance, etc.

So the answer is, yes we can. But it (usually) involves changing the software running ontop of it to make use of it - which is not always easy.
iceng4 years ago
Yes we can !!!

kelseymh iceng4 years ago
iceng kelseymh4 years ago

Says it All  :-D