CAN i build an mp3 player or an i-pod at home??

I want to build an mp3 player or an I pod at home. .. . . . i may need the materials, recycling ideas, circuit design and pics.

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Can you build an ipod? No. That's Apple's, and they won't just let you have the plans (even if they did, you don't have the equipment to build it).

Can you build an mp3 player? Yes! Here's a nice one. There are other options out there as well, but they do generally revolve around exotic or expensive parts. Here's another example:
Here's another example That's got an LCD
gb788 years ago
If you don´t care about size, you can use an old 486 / Pentium computer running Freedos and MpxPlay... I did it once and worked really fine (God bless the SB16). Google for it and you´ll find lots of references.
led2358 years ago
sparkfun has a nice diy kit
yes or you could buy one because the parts cost around 80$ when you get done