I came across a CATV CONVERTER Jerrold 550 model # DP7113 and when i tried to hook it up to my TV i got a blue screen . channel 4 was the only channel that was  somewhat visible . if anyone can please give me some basic instructions  i would appreciate it very much thank you   

lemonie6 years ago
Blue screen is no signal I think.
Did it come with a manual / instructions, what cable-service are you receiving that you are connecting to it?

rottieowner90 (author)  lemonie6 years ago
no i have no manual , i have time warner cable , thank you for replying

I couldn't find any. Have you tried asking T-W Cable, they might know?

orksecurity6 years ago
The converter has to be matched to the cable company's encryption. If yours isn't from your cable company, it probably won't work.