CNC stepper motor controller for USB-with a MAC OS X?

Does anyone know how to make a CNC stepper motor controller for USB-with a MAC OS X?thank you!?

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benthekahn8 years ago
I don't know how, but I also don't believe there is any cnc software for OSX but I could be wrong. If there is some software you could buy a USB to parallel port adapter.
WaydeG1 year ago

Go to, and take a look at Carbide Create (Cad-Cam). Of course this software was designed to work with their own CNC routers, such as the Shapeoko, but I am sure it can be adapted to others.

Is this it? I downloaded it and ran it from my mac, however i do not yet have a cnc machine.

I was thinking of using one of these as a controller, but am still uncertain if compatible.

Does the SD card on this device ensure that USB doesn't mess the pulse synch?

I am thinking that i would rather run windows on an older intel mac so i can run Mach 3 on usb...
simenss7 years ago
I had the same thought and have written Grbl, a fairly complete and solid motion controller that runs on the AVR328 microcontroller and is Arduino-compatible. It will take G Code via USB (or bluetooth) and execute it. I have just recently starter running a real cnc mill with it, but so far it has worked perfectly for me.

Source code.

A video of it running via bluetooth from OS X.
funlw658 years ago
You should use PIC 18F2550 or 18F4550 which can connect directly to USB connector and then, use something like in this tutorial.

About hardware and software, you can use Pinguino boards with Pinguino Ide which offer Arduino language for Arduino like boards.
Look here and here.
From here you can download what you need. But please, browse entire blog of Jean-Pierre Mandon, to see how to use Processing with Pinguino boards.

Have fun!

tercero8 years ago
I should throw in the "why". The pulses from the LPT are amplified and used to drive the stepper motors. Short answer.
tercero8 years ago
Well. You probably can't make a USB version. LPT is the only way to do this. For a more detailed answer you can ask, and he'll tell you everything you need to know, or you can ask at
Both sites will give you the answers you're searching for. Not much help I realize sorry.