CRT TV scrap parts?

I found four CRT TVs in the garbage around my house; I've already torn out the flyback transformers, the motors from the tape decks, and the speakers. I was wondering if there were any more parts I should be interested in scrapping before I take them down to my local recycling center. So, are there?

Vyger6 years ago
There is a degaussing coil that runs around the outer part of the tube. It often looks like a cable wrapped in tape. What it actually is is a long loop of copper wire that is not twisted which is why its wrapped. it loops around many times and is the perfect wire for things like transformers because its a long single piece.

Oh, it's all good.  Even non-electronic parts like the the plastic case and the big glass tube can be used... to make a lovely aquarium. Here:
iceng6 years ago
I like to excise ;
  • Power cords
  • Other transformers
  • Connectors
lemonie6 years ago

Big capacitors and big silicon-components.