Call of Duty World at War- Needs more than 12.4 GB hard drive space?

Hi all. I recently bought and downloaded COD:WAW. Its an installer. I got it from Direct2Drive(dot)com. There are 4 files and the .exe installer... When I try to install it, it says that it needs more hard disc space... I have 12.4GB free!!!!!!!! And, I am 100% sure that my pc is 100%compatible. Whats going on here? Can someone tell me how to fix this? Should I re-download the installed? WHAT SHOULD I DO??? PLEASE REPLY ASAP!!! I REALLY WANNA PLAY!!!!!

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sci4me (author) 5 years ago
ok guys, i got it woking.
kevinhannan5 years ago
Windoze has a feature to allow a friend to remotely work on your computer, while you watch on your screen - you can disable the connection anytime so you always have full control. If you get stuck, why not get a more knowledgeable mate to help you out?
sshuggi5 years ago
I don't know what else to say other that ask the direct2drive.com support what's up. I mean you are buying their services and it's not working out.
+1. You paid them; it's their job to make it work for you.
kevinhannan5 years ago
Your hard drive might be partitioned. for example the c: drive might be nearly full and CODWAW is trying to install there. Do you have another drive/partition you can install to like d: ? Try installing to d: if possible. good luck.
sci4me (author)  kevinhannan5 years ago
Ok guys, I re-downloaded it and it still says I need more hard drive space. I now have 13.4GB and I read that you only need 8! WTF??? PLEASE REPLY ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!
sci4me (author) 5 years ago
Ok guys, i think I was missing files. i'm re-downloading it. Also, I will clean my recycle bin. And, I only have my c drive. Plus my flash drive and my cd rom. :) Thanks. I'll let you know if theres any other issues.
sshuggi5 years ago
if you're running low on HD space, try emptying your recycle bin. You can have Gigs worth of stuff in there and not notice.
Hope it's as simple as that.