Camera Lucida ?

Hi has anybody made a Camera Lucida or Camera Oscura to aid with drawing Cheers Dave

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Found this

megmclaugh5 years ago
Andib- what a great link! I see myself building lots of these things soon...

If any of you are interested in camera the lucida or other optical drawing tools, you may want to check out the Pre-Photographic Process Workshop at the George Eastman House: The participants will have the opportunity to use their own cameras, a tent camera obscura and camera lucida to make drawings in the formal gardens, and will use a pantograph and a physionotrace to make silhouette portaits of one another. Participants will also build their own drawing camera to take home.
Check out the NeoLucida..
Andib6 years ago

How to build several Lucidia's....using mirrors.
Andib6 years ago

They show you how to build a very simple one, using a few pices of wood, and a sheet of plexiglass.

Similar to what they do in 'tracing' kits for kids.

Unless you want to use mirrors of prisms. You can accomplish the same thing.
les228 years ago
I’ve been building both for years. I sell a very simple camera obscura kit and really nice camera lucidas and camera obscuras at