Camera taser?

I was just wondering how many camera flash capacitors are safe for a camera taser, im not planning on tasing any body but  how many is too many??

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When it comes to electrical safety voltage and current aren't the whole story. The primary thing to worry about is stopping someones heart which depends primarily on the total amount of energy and type of signal delivered to the heart. Think about a defibrillator which is used to shock a heart back into rhythm (or stop it if it's still beating). Defibrillators deliver set amounts of energy, like 100 joules (but don't quote me on that, just look it up), at various signal.
Energy in a simple DC case is E(joules)=i*V*t (current(A)*voltage(V)*duration of pulse(s))
The amount of energy in a capacitor is E(joules)=0.5*C*V^2 (aka, one half*capacitance(in farads)*voltage(V)). The more capacitors you string together the more energy you have; whether they're in series or parallel will just change how it's ultimately discharged. Worst case scenario you can just add up their energies, but it really just gets dangerous when they discharge across your if you grab on side of your capacitor/s with one hand and the other with your opposite hand.
The heart chambers are sequenced by the atrioventricular bundle,
commonly known as "the bundle of His".

An electric shock does not actually stop a heart but disrupts the orderly
sequencing of the pump chambers into a simultaneous compression
referred to as fibrillation ( no blood is being pumped ) until another
appropriate electric shock re-sequences the bundle of His into
proper pumping action.


Thank you for the additional information. To be clear though, since the question was about safety, without medical attention a heart that goes into fibrillation will result in death or irreversible damage in about 5-15 minutes...then it will stop.
Sooner, but you got the gist of it.
That is why automatic defibrillators should be available in
public transports and gathering events.

R.A.T.M6 years ago
i wold say 2 thay hurt peroid i get burend by one so ya
Emsaid (author)  R.A.T.M6 years ago
i tried 6 but it kept un soldering it self haha
R.A.T.M Emsaid6 years ago
ya probably i have bun marks still from one
I wouldn't have any more than one. One is already excruciating I don't know what two would be, possibly heart stopping.
edit: hooking the caps in parallel will add capacity. series adds the voltages, but will not work.
first off, it's not a taser, its a stun gun. and hooking photoflash capacitors in series will only add the capacity, not voltage. (a series circuit wont work with camera caps). therefore, 1 will deliver the same shock as 5, however 5 will deliver a longer (but barely noticably) shock, and will also require a longer charge time. for building your stun gun, I would go with one capacitor. i have been shocked by one cap and 3 caps in parrallel, and they both hurt equally bad. safely i wouldn't go any more than 5, but thats purely a guess. You really wont get any benefit from adding more capacitors, so I would just stick with one.
76543216 years ago
You can never have enough! Bwuhahahaha
Kiteman6 years ago
Define "too many".

One is enough to give a shout-out-loud shock.

ARJOON6 years ago
be clearer