Camp activities, crafts ideas ?

Hi every body  im really lost , i need some activities for  a little size camp 15 person , but i need to make some camping crafts as making  bird feeders contest///the fastest one and the moost beautiful win!!!!!! ///,or fastest campfire lighting, I need some crafts idea like those i cited below , 

So pls help me and give me some fun, mind blowing ideas


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Kiteman4 years ago
What age?

Is it for a Scouting organisation (so you might want to make it badge-oriented)?

How long do you want each activity to last? 10 minutes? An hour? A day?
vwtm2006 (author)  Kiteman4 years ago
No , im organizing this camp so i am responsible of activities and planning i have 6 hours for activities in the first day no problem for 10 minute to 1 hour activities but i need some building crafts ideas that have a survival theme as making a shelter or anything related
Shelter building could take as much time as you want - it can be as badic as letting the kids loose in a wood for an hour with some basic tools & rules (say, just 6 feet of twine, and no taking live wood), and then put them inside the shelter while you pour water on it.

Or you could have a lashing race, giving each team six staves or broom handlesnand rope. They have to build a thing, a frame of some kind, lashing the staves together to carry a team member around a simple obstacle course through the countryside.

Have a look at "backwoods cooking", where they cook simple foods over campfires, such as dampers, sausages or cake mixture inside an orange skin.
vwtm2006 (author)  Kiteman4 years ago
hi thanks for your answer but i was looking for some new games and innovation , i rad a lot about shelter building and campfire cooking , but i need something new as i said in the first post building bird feeders from water bottles and scissors and glue , what can scouts build while they are in camping from scratch and basic tools .

PS i need survival crafts and contest games too pls help me
vwtm2006 (author)  Kiteman4 years ago
im waiting your answer bro
Patience is a virtue.

I'm probably in a different time zone to you, and I also have a job to go to.