Can 1 instructable be entered in more than 1 contest?

I'm making an Instructable that would be able to fit into two different contests and want to know if I can enter it in both. Thanks.

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janw6 years ago
You can enter as many contests as you like with the same instructable.
acidbass6 years ago
from what I have personally experienced yes you can enter the same ible into multiple contests (as long as the ible complies with the guidelines of the contest). If this is true for the ible in question then the human counterparts at ibles HQ will send you an email stating that congrats you have been entered into this specific contest and therefore you will be entered into the contest. so in other words. yes it is plausible to enter one ible into multiple contests
Yes you may enter any multible contests with one instructable. Heck you can enter all the contests if it fits the guidlines of each one. :)

Hope that helps!
Burf6 years ago
Yes. If the contest fits, you may submit.
iceng Burf6 years ago
Vyger6 years ago
If you do they will send the police to confiscate your computer.
Sorry I am being mean but this has been asked a lot. Read the rules for each contest and you will find the topic is covered about multiple entries.