Can I Connect A Metal Detector Coil Directly To A Arduino?

I have always wanted to make a metal detector using a arduino but I thought I could harm my arduino by connecting the metal detector coil directly to my arduino so can I directly connect it with my arduino or I have add some circuit before it if yes what would be the circuit?

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iceng5 years ago
Here is a very simple metal detector and a tie in to the Arduino.
You can read more about it here.
Bot1398 (author)  iceng5 years ago
So can I connect the coil directly to arduino
Yes you can connect the coil directly to the arduino but it wouldn't act as a metal detector without the added circuit.
esamesama1 year ago

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szee4 years ago
Would you please give some introduction about how to program this ??
rickharris5 years ago
No that's not how the metal detector works. It relies on the coil making a tuned circuit for an oscillator. When a metallic object comes close the tuned circuit is disturbed and the frequency changed. that frequency difference is what you hear.

You still need the tuned circuit etc - BUT you could take the frequency change out to the microprocessor and then use software to interpret what is happening.